CAIBC Committee

The County Antrim Indoor Bowling Club is run by an elected General Committee. The officers consist of a President, Vice-President, Junior Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Competition Secretary.

Sub-Committees plan Finance, House & Greens, Heath & Safety, Fundraising and Special Events.

The club employs a full time Manager, Mr. Rod Coleman, his assistant and several part time Administrative, Catering and Cleaning Staff.

Each season, we host several Major Charity events; C.A.I.B.C has raised thousands of pounds for good causes identified by our members or Committee.

We welcome a wide range of user groups and visiting clubs who find our facilities ideal for their needs and are conscious of the need to maintain our premises in a fit state to host them.



Mr. M. Hibbins

Vice President

Mr. J. Murray


Mr. B. Mairs


Mr. B. Connor

Past President

Mr. J. Magee

Lady President

Mrs. M. Kyle


Mr. N. Armstrong
Mr. J. Baird
Mr. C. Davidson
Mrs. L. Hibbins
Mr. W. Currie
Mr. J. Hunter
Miss. M. Wilkinson
Mr. D. McCauley
Mr. R. McCune
Mr. J. Montgomery
Mr. D. Dempsey
Mrs. A. Pauley
Miss. W. Adair

Stadium Manager

Mr. R. Coleman