The upcoming events taking place at the Jim Baker Stadium.

AIIB Inter-Stadium - BIBC 1 v CAIBC

Belfast IBC
29th October 2017 10:00 AM-2:00 PM

The CAIBC Men's team for the third game of the AIIB Inter-Stadium Series away to Belfast IBC 1 on Sunday 29th October (trial ends 9.45pm) is as follows.

A McKeown, M Albert, B Trimble, S Coleman;
R Bell, J Caldwell, S Moran, G McKee;
R Curran, A Booth, J Millar, A Duncan;
J Millar, S Beggs, A Coleman, A Kyle;

BIBC (2) 69-75 (5) CAIBC
P McEwan 14-21 A Duncan
D Corkill 16-21 G McKee
M Merritt 19-15 A Kyle
S Bennett 20-18 S Coleman