The upcoming events taking place at the Jim Baker Stadium.

AIIB National Senior Fours

Belfast IBC
11th November 2018 2:00 PM-6:00 PM
AIIB National Senior Fours

The Quarter Finals of the AIIB National Senior Fours will take place at Belfast IBC on Sunday 11th November 2018.

Quarter Final Results

T Steele (BCIBC) 8-15 J Baker (CAIBC)
A Roberts (BIBC) 20-6 J McGetterick (BIBC)
J Millar (BIBC) 14-16 J Caldwell (CAIBC)
F Simpson (BIBC) 13-23 W McCaw (BCIBC)

The Semi-Finals & Finals of the AIIB National Championships will be held at County Antrim IBC on 14th-16th December 2018.