The upcoming events taking place at the Jim Baker Stadium.

BIIBC Under 25 International Series

Newport IBC, Wales
18th-19th February 2017

The following team has been selected to represent Ireland at the BIIBC Junior Internationals which will be held in Newport IBC (Wales) on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th February 2017.

Aaron Coleman (CAIBC)
Craig Marshall (BCIBC)*
Simon Beggs (CAIBC)
Mitchell Albert (CAIBC)

Reece Millar (BIBC)
Adam McKeown (CAIBC)*
Ryan Bell (CAIBC)*
Darren Atkinson (CAIBC)

Sam Barkley (CAIBC)
John Paul Fahy (BCIBC)
Jamie Watson (BIBC)
Robert Kirkwood (BIBC)

Dean Mills (BIBC)
Stuart Coleman (CAIBC)
Ryan Cavan (BIBC) #
Stephen Kirkwood (BIBC)

Reserves: Shea Martin (BCIBC), Dale Bodles (CAIBC)*

+ New Cap # Recall

All players are asked to confirm their availability with Team Manager Colin Campbell (07885930613) as soon as possible. Players are also advised that Team practices start on Wednesday 4th January in CAIBC at 7pm.