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2nd AIIB International Trial

The following players have been selected to play in the second international trail which will be held in Belfast IBC on Sunday 15th January 2017 at 10am.

Brian Hughes (BCIBC)
Steven Gibson (BIBC)
Gary McCloy (BCIBC)
Stuart Bennett (BIBC)

Dean Mills (BIBC)
Jamie Watson (BIBC)
Paul McEwan (BIBC)
Andi Duncan (CAIBC)

Mark McPeak (BIBC)
Aaron Coleman (CAIBC)
Derek Smith (BCIBC)
Neil Mulholland (BIBC)

John R Nicholl (CAIBC)
Brian Trimble (CAIBC)
Alastair Coleman (CAIBC)
Stephen Coleman Snr (CAIBC)

Aiden Reid (BCIBC)
Robert Kirkwood (BIBC)
David Corkill (BIBC)
Gary Kelly (BCIBC)

Darren Atkinson (BIBC)
Robert Allen (BCIBC)
Nigel Robinson (BCIBC)
Ian McClure (BCIBC)

Chris Eadie (BIBC)
Stephen Kirkwood (BIBC)
Michael Merritt (BIBC)
Simon Martin (BIBC)

Paul Prunty (BIBC)
Sam Barkley (CAIBC)
Alistair Kennedy (BCIBC)
Willie McCaw (BCIBC)

Dress Code will be Whites and the game will be played under international rules – 21 ends or 4 hours with jacks re-spotted if an end is burnt. Any player who is not available must inform the Team Manager Roy McCune (07729444269) as soon as possible.