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3rd AIIB International Trial

The following players have been selected to play in the 3rd AIIB International Trial which will be held at Ballybrakes Community IBC on Saturday 13th January 2018 at 2pm (trial ends 1.45pm).

Rink 1

J Frazer
A McKeown
P McEwan
I McClure

Rink 2

A Johnston
R Bell
R Kirkwood
S Coleman

Rink 3

S Barkley
C Hogg
D Smith
A Duncan

Rink 4

C Eadie
J Watson
S Trainor
M Merritt

Rink 5

A Tennent
R Cavan
A Coleman
G Kelly

Rink 6

B Hughes
D Corkill
J Boyd
B Kane

Rink 7

C McKnight
J Millar
N Robinson
G McCloy

Rink 8

D Mills
G McElroy
W McCaw
N Mulholland

Reserves: R Allen, B Browne, R McMullen

(CAIBC players in Bold)

Dress Code will be Whites and the game will be played under international rules – 21 ends or 4 hours with jacks re-spotted if an end is burnt. All players selected are expected to play. Any player who is not available must inform the Team Manager Clifford Craig (07881 587940) as soon as possible.