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AIIB Inter-Stadium Team

Get ready for an epic weekend of indoor bowls as our County Antrim team takes on the competition at the AIIB Inter-Stadium Competition hosted by Ballybrakes Community Indoor Bowls Club on Saturday, 14th October, and Sunday, 15th October 2023.

The team is as follows:

Rink 1

J Kyle
A Dodds
M Devlin
A Kyle

Rink 2

R Curran
J Shannon
M Trew
S Coleman

Rink 3

S Gibson
C Devlin
D Nixon
M Albert

Rink 4

A Coleman
D Thompson
R Bell
A Coleman

Subs: D Bodles, M Broderick, M McCafferty, K O'Neill, E Sands

Here's the schedule:

Saturday 14th October:
10am: County Antrim IBC vs Belfast IBC II
2:30pm: County Antrim IBC vs Ballybrakes CIBC

Sunday 15th October:
10am: County Antrim IBC vs Belfast IBC I

Important Details:

  • Each game is 3 hours.
  • All players please report 30 minutes prior to the start of each game.
  • Dress code is CAIBC shirt with white shorts/trousers.

All players are asked to confirm availability with selectors.