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AIIB International Team 2019

The following players have been selected to represent Ireland in the BIIBC International series to be played from 14th-16th March at the Falcon Indoor Bowls Club, Chelmsford, England. The rinks are as follows:

Rink 1 - C Eadie (BIBC)#, M Trainor (BIBC)*, S Kirkwood (BIBC), G McCloy (BCIBC)

Rink 2 - S Jess (CAIBC)#, S Trainor (BIBC), P McEwan (BIBC)#, G McKee (CAIBC)

Rink 3 - M McPeak (BIBC), C Hogg (BCIBC)*, D Smith (BCIBC), A Duncan (CAIBC)

Rink 4 - S Barkley (CAIBC), R Kirkwood (BIBC), A Coleman (CAIBC), S Coleman (CAIBC)

Rink 5 - B Prunty (BIBC), S Colvin (BCIBC), S Bennett (BIBC), I McClure (BCIBC)+

Rink 6 - D Mills (BIBC), N Robinson (BCIBC)#, A McKeown (CAIBC), A Kyle (CAIBC)

Reserves - R Bell (CAIBC), P Campbell (BIBC)*, M Albert (CAIBC)*, P Rooney (BIBC)

+ Captain
# Recall
* New Cap

Any player who is not available must inform the Team Manager Clifford Craig (07881 587940) or Assistant Team Manager John Nicholl (07715004382) before Wed 6th Feb 2019.

All players are asked to attend the Co. Antrim Indoor Bowling Club on Wednesday 6th February 2018 at 6.45pm sharp and also for the Test Series versus British Isles Civil Service at the same venue on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th February 2019.