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AIIB International Trials

The following players have been selected to play in the international trials to be held in at Belfast Indoor Bowling Club on Sunday 3rd February 2019.

B Prunty (BIBC)
S Beggs (CAIBC)
C Hogg (BCIBC)
A Duncan (CAIBC)

S Barkley (CAIBC)
P Campbell (BIBC)
Ali Coleman (CAIBC)
S Coleman (CAIBC)

D Mills (BIBC)
M Petticrew (CAIBC)
B Kane (BCIBC)
A Kyle (CAIBC)

P Rooney (BIBC)
S Colvin (BCIBC)
A McKeown (CAIBC)
I McClure (BCIBC)

S Jess (CAIBC)
J McCullough (BIBC)
R Kirkwood (BIBC)

D Copeland (BIBC)
N Robinson (BCIBC)
M Trainor (BIBC)
G McCloy (BCIBC)

M McPeak (BIBC)
S Trainor (BIBC)
D Corkill (BIBC)
S Kirkwood (BIBC)

C McKnight (BCIBC)
S Hedley (BIBC)
P McEwan (BIBC)
D Smith (BCIBC)

C Eadie (BIBC)
A Coleman (CAIBC)
R Cavan (BIBC)
M Merritt (BIBC)

J Fraser (BIBC)
R Bell (CAIBC)
M Albert (CAIBC)
S Bennett (BIBC)

Reserves – R Barr (BIBC), R Malcolmson (BIBC), J Martin (BCIBC), P Prunty (BIBC)

Reserves will not be required to attend unless notified.

Dress code - whites and club/white top.

9:45 – Bowls Inspection
10:00-13:00 – Game 1
13:00-13:45 – Lunch
14:00-17:00 – Game 2

All players must confirm availability to C Craig (07881 587940) or J R Nicholl (07715 004382) by 25th January.

All players selected for team will be expected to be available on the following dates:

  • 6th and 13th February for games versus AIIB Under 25 team at CAIBC.
  • 9th and 10th February for Test series against British Isles Civil Service at CAIBC.