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AIIB Junior International Team

The following players have been selected to represent Ireland in the BIIBC Junior International Series to be played from 16th-17th February 2019 at Aberdeen Indoor Bowls Club.

Rink 1

A Johnston (BIBC)
M Petticrew (CAIBC)*
R McElroy (BIBC)
S Kirkwood (BIBC)

Rink 2

S Barkley (CAIBC)
A Stratton (BCIBC)*
S Beggs (CAIBC)
R Cavan (BIBC)

Rink 3

D Mills (BIBC)
S Martin (BCIBC)
R Bell (CAIBC)
R Kirkwood (BIBC)^

Rink 4

B Hutchinson (BCIBC)*
A Coleman (CAIBC)
A McKeown (CAIBC)
M Albert (CAIBC)

Reserves – J Kyle (CAIBC)*, A Conly (CAIBC)*

Any player who is not available must inform the Team Manager Colin Campbell (07885 930613) as soon as possible.