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Ladies Championship Draws 2019/20

The draws for the Ladies Championships for the 2019-20 season have been completed. First ties will commence on Friday 4th October 2019, with a full schedule of dates listed below.


(First named player to supply a marker)

Quarter Finals

(Tuesday 12th November @ 7pm)

D Sidwell 16-21 Z Minish
L Reaney 21-17 R Tinsley
C Montgomery 21-17 K Houston
A Rainey w/o v E Smith

Semi Finals

(Friday 3rd January @ 7pm)

Z Minish w/o v L Reaney
C Montgomery lost to A Rainey


(Tuesday 7th January 2020 @ 7pm)

Z Minish 21-13 A Rainey


Quarter Finals

(Tuesday 29th October @ 7pm)

B Cameron 17-13 K Houston
G Menice 14-15 L Reaney

Byes – D Sidwell & SJ Curran

Semi Finals

(Wednesday 27th November @ 7pm)

B Cameron 15-24 L Reaney
D Sidwell 9-31 SJ Curran


(Tuesday 17th December @ 7pm)

L Reaney 17-18 SJ Curran


Quarter Finals

(Friday 1st November @ 7pm)

B Cameron w/o v SJ Curran
M Kyles 9-27 L Reaney

Byes – D Sidwell & G Menice

Semi Finals

(Friday 15th November @ 7pm)

B Cameron 17-12 L Reaney
D Sidwell v w/o G Menice


(Friday 20th December @ 7pm)

B Cameron 22-12 G Menice


Semi Finals

(Friday 8th November @ 7pm)

M Kyles 7-30 L Reaney
SJ Curran 8-17 B Cameron


(Friday 13th December @7pm)

L Reaney v w/o B Cameron

Junior Singles

(First named player to supply a marker)

Semi Finals

(Friday 4th October @ 7pm)

K Houston 20-21 C Montgomery
L Reaney 19-21 Z Minish


(Tuesday 15th October @ 7pm)

C Montgomery 8-21 Z Minish